When you wish upon an Amiga

Late on a Friday afternoon approaching a bank holiday weekend back in 1993 Commodore’s chief financial officer, Colin Proudfoot, took an unexpected call from a lady from the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’ who was desperately trying to fulfil the dying wishes of a terminally ill boy. That wish was to be able to spend his rapidly dwindling remaining days on earth playing Amiga games on a computer his family couldn’t afford to purchase themselves.

Colin pulled out the stops ensuring a gleaming new Amiga 1200 Comic Relief pack featuring the official charity game, Sleepwalker, arrived on his doorstep within two hours. Soon after his mother got in touch with Colin to relay the family’s gratitude for the gift, along with the bitter-sweet news that her son had died the following week with a smile on his face doing what he loved most in the world.


Commodore has teamed up with Ocean on the ever-increasing Comic Relief Sleepwalker initiative, having produced a limited edition A1200 pack, which should just have been released by the time you read this.

Only 25,000 of the packs, which includes a copy of Sleepwalker and, of course, an A1200, have been produced, and for each one sold £10 is donated to Comic Relief – so if they sell out, that’s a quarter of a million quid gone to charity. “What could be nicer than giving money to a worthy cause and getting a fantastic new Amiga 1200 at the same time?” reasons Commodore MD Kelly Sumner.

We thought about this and have to admit we couldn’t think of anything better. Well, nothing that we could print, anyway. £399.99 is the asking price (thirty quid cheaper than a bog-standard pack), so hop to it before they’re all gone.

The One issue 54 (March 1993)


To commemorate this touching act of kindness on the momentous occasion of the Amiga’s 32nd birthday (23rd July), and hopefully make another child’s dreams come true before it’s too late, I’d like to pitch a rather strange, yet fitting fundraiser… a sponsored Amiga game review, and Amigos video cast marathon.

Beginning on 7th August, the challenge is for me to write a review/retrospective article a day for a week, or at least until I keel over at my desk, whilst Aaron and John intend to mark the event with a 12-hour AMIGATHON on Youtube! The former may sound like quite a pitiful pledge now it’s on the page in black and white, though given some of my previous ramblings have extended to 20 pages in length, blood, sweat and tears will be shed.

So if you’re sick of the sound of my voice, now’s your chance to work me into the ground and shut me up for keeps. If on the other hand you actually enjoy my waffle (you never know, it could happen), you’ll get to read a heck of a lot more of it. Either way, everyone’s a winner!

Each and every contribution, large or small, is greatly appreciated so get donating, and together we can change someone’s brief, but no less significant life for the better, one review or play-through at a time.

Donations can be made through the Everything Amiga Just Giving page before, during or after the event, and as we won’t be handling a penny personally, you can be sure none of it will be spent buying vintage Amiga gear from eBay!

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