Amiga’s dumbest criminals

It being the season of goodwill, and strobing, pimped-up conifers are beginning to appear before blazing hearths across the globe, I was reading the Christmas 1993 edition of Amiga Format, when I came across an interesting article concerning that evergreen video game nasty, software piracy.

It approaches the issue from all conceivable angles; how it will impact the Amiga’s future (if it even has one), what FAST (Federation Against Software Theft), ELSPA (European Leisure Software Publisher’s Association) and the police (blokes and blokesses in blue who arrest you if you’re up to no good) are doing to combat it. It also invites pivotal members of the software industry such as Martyn Brown, Dino Dini and Peter Molyneux to grab the mic and take to the stage to air their damning verdict.

Where it gets really wacky is the space given up to a “real life pirate” (gasp!) who most likely was recovering from a brain haemorrhage when he agreed to have his picture taken for the magazine, engage in an interview and provide details of where he lives and how he advertises his wares.

I don’t suppose we’ll ever know if piracy would have killed the Amiga since Commodore beat them to the punch, committing corporate hara-kiri long before it ran its natural course. What we do know is that Captain Pugwash here went on to win a Darwin award and shortly after expired having misinterpreted the toxic materials label on a bottle of bleach.

You can rejoice in the hazy glow of festive spirit in its entirety by flicking to pages 43-46 of issue 54. Happy holidays!

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  • May 10, 2016 at 7:20 am

    That's a pretty interesting article, actually. I've only known a few pirates who actually tried to sell the software….it's always been a swap and trade sort of affair. Great digging for this!

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