Miggy modding: the good, the bad and the ugly

Of course Commodore did a pretty decent job designing the Amiga range of computers, but what the heck, why not hack them to pieces, add a splash of colour… or completely mutilate one beyond recognition? I’ve done stranger things on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Here I present the slickest, weirdest, most hideous, and “what the…?”  examples from around the globe…

L’Amiga project. J’adore!


A sprayed, red metallic A500.


I used to be an A1200. No really, you can check my passport.


A sprayed, red metallic A1200, to state the obvious.


A sprayed, blue metallic A500. Captain Obvious here, nice to meet you. 


Amiga 1200 Black Project.
Forget the kids, won’t someone please think of the moisture!


I remember owning a copy of this. Disappointingly, I don’t think the cover was in any
way related to the contents of the magazine – the ‘pin-up’ of the modding world!


The Radio Graffiti A600. Proving insanity can be a good thing! They look like
Commodore 64 keys in the middle. I think I can guess why that is.


No, no, no and no! Not under any circumstances.


A black air-brushed version of the ‘balls’ design featured further down the page.


Amiga 1200 in a suit case project


If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.


A particularly impressive example from the DIY Amiga portables collection.


An A600 from the same DIY Amiga portables site.


A CD32 sprayed white with custom decals as seen at Revival.


A standard sized A500 next to an enormous quarter! Obviously.


A1200 with embedded LCD. Sometimes these are used to display the name of the image currently loaded via a Gotek floppy emulator.


The Moby A1200


A wooden DIY Amiga Walker case.
Linked page features a menagerie of other examples.


The 1989 ‘balls’ Amiga 500 design by German actress, writer, TV & radio
presenter, Stefanie Tucking. Only 10,000 units were made available.


The ‘leopard’ Amiga 500 designed by Stefanie Tucking in 1989.
Only 10,000 units were produced.


To accompany the ‘balls’ A500. Another design by Stefanie Tucking.


JuneBUG DJ Machine designed for the VJ Red Button Agency


A1200 ‘Cabo’ in a custom transparent dust case


Sleek example of a graphite & black sprayed A1200 with keyboard stickers


A1200 spotted at a demo scene party. If this isn’t illegal, it should be! 


I don’t want to be mean… so I won’t comment.


A classy black sprayed A600 finished with white keyboard decals


Professional looking example of a sprayed A500. Once you go black…
…you never go yellow!


This Amiga 1200 appears to have been given the Retr0brite treatment and combined with sprayed keys and white decals.

Sometimes people will avoid having to spray the keys by taking them from a keyboard that is already black e.g. the one that came with the CDTV. The problem with this approach, however, is that they are rarer than rocking horse doodoo.

Special edition Skidrow A1200 *new* case.


Also check out the Red Sector, Alister Brimble & gold varieties

The A1200 Cabo project


Another demo scene party monstrosity.
Please excuse me while I go to my safe zone and cry.



Armiga’, though clearly not the official one. No idea.


Extremely slick metallic electric blue A600 with black keys and decals


Custom Amiga PC Table – miniaturisation in reverse!
I think that’s the technical term.


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